100% Family Run Hawaii Business

Our Team 1

Gerry Houser

President, CEO
Former PGA Instructor, unfortunate Yankee’s fan, and all around father! Gerry looks to bring his enjoyment of life to his customers at Glow Putt. Never far away from a smile and always looking to make each visit to Glow Putt memorable.

Our Team 2

Christel Houser

General Manager
The one and only true boss that helpsĀ makeĀ sure the lights stay on….err off and the music keeps thumping. She is no slouch on the golf course, and she is one proud grandma.

Our Team 3

James Houser

Community Manager, Web guy
A proud father and husband who helped establish Glow Putt on the islands. James is former Navy and is a graduate of Hawaii Pacific University.

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