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18 holes of glow in the dark miniature golf.

Military & Law Enforcement Discounts

Save $1 per person with valid ID

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I had fun at this place this past weekend. Granted my friends and I were the oldest in there (besides parents), we still had a great time.

When you go inside, it’s about $7/person for adults. The people at the front desk give you a choice of glowing bracelets and you can pick your own putter. Everything is explained to you in the beginning and they even ask you if you’d like them to hold your bags while you’re playing.

The holes are fun and so tricky! On a hole that looks easy, there are hidden bumps that make your ball go off course. So your hole in one will actually be a hole in 5 LOL. But it’s all in great fun and the 18th hole is the best!

Everyone is rewarded with a prize in the end. It’s nothing much, but it still feels good to be awarded. 🙂

Coleen F.

Cool little mini-golf spot. Its all about the black lights, which is half the fun!  They have a military discount always, and give you a free glow bracelet in your choice of color before you play. After you’re done, they give you a free trinket. Tonight, it was a flashlight ring, which my son loved. Its pretty cheap, and you go home with free stuff. Not bad, right?

Service is excellent too. Tonight, my son had to go to the bathroom in the middle of the game. We were able to leave our balls/clubs up front while we went to the mall bathroom, and pick up where we left off on our return. The clerk engaged my son in conversation and made him laugh, which we appreciated.

A fun, cheap, novel idea. Try it.

Sandra S.

This course was challenging and interesting. The owner was really catering to guests and has a good sense of humor. I noticed tons of space for parties and chairs and tables. I love the glowing balls, my 3 year old son had a blast and 11 year old who was with us. People if all ages can enjoy this. The owner gave us all kinds of flashy stuff and glow bracelets, all the little things make this unique. And my three year old beat all three of us by a long shot, which was actually pretty crazy. He is amazing. Anyways, love it! I’m sure we will be back when we visit Windward Mall!
Tabatha P.

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